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Allison Cockhill

Allison is a Montreal raised foodie and aspiring dietitian.

She believes that nutrition is preventative medicine and that food has the power to heal, protect and support a healthy mind & body. With her daily dose of cacao, she encourages intuitive eating and nourishing the body with wholesome foods that are rich in nutrients and delicious.

After completing her undergrad in Nutrition & Dietetics she understands that nutrition is not a one size fits all and can seem complicated, although can be simplified. She is trained to help individualize nutritional goals to compliment one’s own lifestyle and help individuals become chief warriors of their own health. Allison’s goal is to simplify nutrition, empower and educate the community to gain self-confidence and develop food literacy skills.

Looking for some inspiration, recipes and resources to live healthfully while enjoying each bite. We encourage you to head over to her Instagram, @meehangoodeats


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