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Green Banana Flour - a powerful new ingredient in maintaining your digestive health! It is gluten free, grain free, paleo, vegan , plant based and above all, very nutritious. Our green banana flour has a rather neutral, mild, and earthy flavour meaning you can use it for both sweet and savoury dishes.

Go ahead and indulge in some gluten free baking that rises beautifully, giving your baked goodies a light fluffy texture and a delicious mild flavor everytime. Its ok to GO BANANAS with our green banana flour!!

From all of us at Rootalive, Thank You for making us a part of your healthy lifestyle and for supporting the organic movement.

  • Organic Green Banana Flour

Customer Reviews

Maryam G

Love love love! Such a unique flour and high in prebiotics which is golden for gut health. Very easy to digest and highly nutritious. I can’t get enough! And please don’t worry, it doesn’t taste like banana!

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