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Organic Smoothie/Mix Bowl

Delicious Organic Smoothie Mix/Bowls for a healthy breakfast

There’s nothing quite as healthy and satisfying as making a daily smoothie bowl as a fun treat and as a great way to incorporate all of your superfood needs! With 25 servings per bag, our smoothie mixes are the innovative way to mix it up and satisfy your cravings from chocolatey to fruity. It doesn't hurt that you can get all of that organic goodness at an affordable price!

Each pack comes with freeze dried ingredients which means you won’t ever have to bulk up on multiple ingredients that can go bad in a short amount of time. All of our packs are also gluten free, raw, vegan and most of all tasty, which makes them sure to be a crowd pleaser!

Wondering how to make a good smoothie bowl? For best results, simply blend half a tablespoon of your favorite Rootalive Organic smoothie mix/bowl with half a cup of vanilla yogurt and top with your favourite granola, fresh fruits or nuts. You can enjoy our mixes as a refreshing smoothie, a satisfying smoothie bowl, or explore their versatility with innovative recipes!

Rootalive smoothie mixes can be added to baked goods, overnight oats, parfaits or popsicles – the possibilities are endless! You will find that they add a beautiful pop of color and dense nutrition to many different types of creations.

Our organic smoothie bowls are also known to be great to share with friends! You might even get them to hop on board the health train with a healthy mixed fruit smoothie recipe. Choose from a great variety with everything from acai delight to some red velvet goodness. Teach your friends how to make a good smoothie bowl with a delicious base and crunchy toppings that they will love!

We also know that getting the kids to eat their superfoods is no easy task, which is why smoothie bowls are a great option for those looking to get in those nutrients! With bright colors and endless options for toppings, your kids will love the exciting combinations. A major plus: they won't even realize all of the superfoods you've packed in to their bowls!

Prepping for the week can also being incredibly difficult with a busy schedule, which is another thing that makes our smoothie mixes so great! You will love our easy to use variety that requires almost no time to throw together. Whether it’s a chocolate fix or a healthy mixed fruit smoothie recipe, we’ve got you covered.

Try out our organic smoothie mix/bowls in your recipes and be sure to let us know which one is your favorite!