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Our certified Organic Ceylon Cinnamon Powder is a true variety. As a purer and healthier version of cinnamon, our Organic Ceylon Cinnamon Powder is loaded with antioxidants that are known to possess anti-inflammatory properties.

Cinnamon is such a valuable superfood that it is considered a rare ingredient. It is commonly referred to as a gift fit for kings!

Ceylon cinnamon has a sweeter and more delicate flavor than the more commonly known Cassia cinnamon, which makes it a great addition to your dishes. Use our pure cinnamon in your recipes and taste the difference for yourself!

Why this product?

Rootalive Organic Ceylon Cinnamon Powder has a fine multilayer texture, delightful fragrance, and warm sweet taste.


  • Certified Organic and superior taste.
  • Gluten-Free, Raw
  • Powder Available in 100g, 200g and 454g
  • Free from artificial chemicals and additives.
  • Suitable for Vegans.
  • Country of Origin: Sri Lanka


Organic Ceylon Cinnamon Powder

Storage Info:

Refrigeration is not required. Store in a cool, dark, dry place.

Suggested Use:

  • Add a small pinch of Ceylon Cinnamon powder to your cup of coffee or tea, and enjoy a robust aroma along with a delicious flavor.
  • For a morning health boost, add a generous sprinkle of Ceylon cinnamon powder to a teaspoon of honey. It’s proven that both Ceylon cinnamon and honey can provide health benefits when used first thing in the morning.
  • Organic Ceylon Cinnamon Powder is a great addition to your morning breakfast, with everything from nourishing smoothie bowls to quick oatmeal.
  • Try adding our Organic Ceylon Cinnamon Powder to baked goods such as Cinnamon butter cake, empanadas or roti. You will be mesmerized by its subtle aroma and wonderful taste.
  • Add some flair and subtle flavor to your fruit! Organic Ceylon Cinnamon works especially well with fruits like apple, oranges, tangerines, and watermelon.
  • Add cinnamon powder to stews for added texture and flavour.


  • Can help to manage blood pressure
  • Can assist as a natural remedy to diabetes treatment
  • Organic Ceylon Cinnamon powder is safe for children

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is Ceylon Cinnamon good for you?

A. Organic Ceylon cinnamon powder contains anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antimicrobial effects. It can help to support your immune health, which means that Ceylon cinnamon can be great for you!

Q. Can I use Cinnamon to lose weight?

A. Cinnamon has medical properties that can help you to lose weight. Its spicy flavor is great for adding to diet regimens that require you to cut back on sugar and salt.

  • Organic Ceylon Cinnamon Powder (Cinnamomum Zeylanicum)

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